What is WiFi 6? 

Whether it's gaming, teleworking or streaming, connected objects are increasingly part of our daily lives. We want to be connected at all times and enjoy an optimal experience with all our devices simultaneously, quickly and seamlessly.

WiFi 6 has therefore been developed to live up to the demands of today’s lifestyle!

What are the advantages of WiFi 6? 

The fastest connection

Speeds that are up to 40% higher than WiFi 5!

Better coverage

You can enjoy optimal connection throughout your home: no more blind spots!

The most stable wireless network

Your WiFi has a faster connection and is more powerful than ever, when several devices are connected at the same time!

Your data is secure

Thanks to the new WPA3, your online data is even better protected.

Better power management

WiFi 6 goes into standby mode when you are not using to put less strain on the battery of your devices.

WiFi 6 subscriptions at Tango

WiFi 6 is available with all our Internet and Internet + TV subscriptions!

Combining the Tango fiber connection with the revolutionary WiFi 6 technology ensures a perfect experience.

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WIFI 6 repeater

With the WiFi Plus Option, get a WiFi 6 repeater to extend your connection to the maximum!

You have questions about WiFi 6? We have the answers!

All electronic brands started to develop WiFi 6 compatible products between 2020 and 2021. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of WiFi 6 on all your recent devices: televisions, computers, smartphones, etc.

Rest assured, if your device was purchased before 2020, you will still be able to connect to the WiFi network. However, you will not benefit from the advantages offered by this network.

The smartphones compatible with WiFi 6 are the most recent ones:

  • iPhone 11 and subsequent models
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy S20 and subsequent models
  • Huawei P Smart and subsequent models
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 / Mi 11 Lite and subsequent models

To sum up, your 5G compatible smartphones are also compatible with WiFi 6.

If you subscribe today to one of our Fiber or DUO offers, you will reap all the benefits of WiFi 6 and its outstanding performance!

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