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All additional options for our plans

Mobile options

Everything you need to optimise and make the most of your mobile: the data options Keep Surfing and Data Extension, the Forfait Bloqué option to block all out-of-bundle communications, the Presse Digitale to get all news directly on your phone, and the prepaid packages for your Carte GO)). 

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Device options

The options dedicated to your devices, for maximum protection and comfort. Damage, theft, loss and loan device insurance, as well as the My New Mobile option to reduce the purchase price of your device and spread its payment.

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International options

Everything you need for your holidays, business trips and extended stays abroad, whether in the EU or elsewhere. Not travelling? Discover our options for your frequent calls abroad from Luxembourg. Keeping your costs under control is simple and easy with our international options.

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Discover the options to protect your mobile devices against fraudulent sites, phishing and viruses on your Tango mobile network at home and abroad.

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All the options you need to add to your Tango plans to suit your needs.

Tango offers you international and roaming options to use your smartphone and tablet in Europe and outside the EU safely and without surprises, as well as internet options for your personal and professional requirements, Tango TV thematic packages, additional decoders, and much more.