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Internet & TV Options

Options to customise your Internet and TV plans

Online press services included with your Fibre suscription 

Embark on a new reading experience! Discover exciting contents included with your subscription Tango Fibre: enjoy exclusive access to the best mangas and to a variety of family-friendly choices with mangas.io and Kidjo Stories. Available on your smartphones and tablets, wherever you are.

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Is your Wi-Fi signal too weak in certain parts of your home? Boost your signal with the option WIFI Plus.

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Pack Communication Fixe

Call abroad from your landline without any worries. With Pack Communication Fixe, you can choose between two hourly packages for your calls to landlines and mobiles in Luxembourg and 38 other countries worldwide.


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Tango TV  - Thematic packages

Get all your favourite channels on your TV. With Tango's thematic packages, you can choose one or more options between Foot, Family, Portugal, and Charme.

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Additional decoder

Watch your favourite TV channels in multiple rooms. With Tango, getting an additional decoder is fast and easy.

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Whether you plan to stream in 4K, play online, or simply watch movies and send emails, Tango has the router you need.

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Static and public IP addresses

By default, you will be assigned a dynamic private IP address for your Tango Internet connection, suitable for all standard Internet use. To meet any specific needs, you can subscribe to an option to obtain a public and static IP address.

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Do you want to customize your Internet and TV package? With Tango's Internet options you can change your IP address from private to public and static, boost your Wi-Fi connection, or call abroad with your fixed line without surprises.

The TV options allow you to add thematic packages to your subscription to watch your favorite football channels, family TV channels, and much more.