9,91 /month

in Luxembourg
  • National data at 5G Fast speed
  • Calls/texts/MMS in Luxembourg included

Commitment 12 months

More details about the offer

Calls, texts and data included ... everything you need to know

Tango Smart LU subscription includes units allowing you to make calls and send texts and MMS messages (excluding special numbers, fax numbers and video telephony) within Luxembourg.

Important to know: The subscription is specially designed for Luxembourg, you will not be able to connect to the Internet outside Luxembourg.

Outgoing calls, SMS and MMS are not included in your subscription and will be charged per unit* depending on the rate of your subscription that you can view here.
Abroad, calls (SMS, MMS, data) are blocked by default, with the exception of the international Customer Service number.

Keep control over your usage and your bill.

Download our "My Tango" app and manage your entire mobile subscription ... with your mobile. The app will for example enable you to view your usage in real time and have an accurate estimate of your next bill.

Any doubts about your usage?

No news is good news. You're warned by text message before you reach your bundle limit (when you have used up 80% and 100% of the included volume).

You can also follow the evolution of your out-of-bundle usage on the My Tango app.

*And if you never want to hear any mention of out-of-bundle, choose our Forfait Bloqué+ option. Ask for advice from our customer service or in a point of sale.

You want to go abroad and stay in touch?

With the Tango Smart LU subscription, all roaming calls are blocked.

However, you can switch to a Tango Smart subscription including calls, SMS, MMS and roaming data in Europe.

How? It is very simple :
- Are you still in Luxembourg? Go to the nearest point of sale or call our Customer Service for free at 800 777 77.
- Are you already abroad? Contact our Customer Service by phone at +352 691 700 777.

Want to change subscription?

Nothing could be simpler; if you're eligible, all you have to do is select the subscription of your choice on the website, validate your shopping basket and provide your customer details, and we'll take care of everything!

You can also visit one of our points of sale.

Please note, if your subscription period is in progress, charges may apply (see the "Frais administratifs" section of the Liste of rates)

Want to leave us?

We of course regret this but here, too, Tango commits to make your life easier; all you have to do is call 777
Don't forget to consult our online support to find out the conditions for termination  and any charges that may apply*.

* if you have a joint offer that includes a smartphone, you will for example have to pay the amount outstanding for that phone

For more details and the terms and conditions, please refer to the documents below:

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The all-in subscription in Luxembourg, adapted to your needs Tango Smart LU is the ideal subscription offer for those who do not wish to use their smartphone outside Luxembourg. A subscription for all your communications: calls, texts, MMSes, e-mails, Internet browsing and adapted to your needs. All at the lowest price of our range.
And to take advantage of the ultra-fast speed of our 5G*, simply make sure you use a compatible smartphone in the areas covered. *5G included