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Mobile options

All the options for our mobile plans

Data Extension


The Data Extension option enables you to increase your data volume in Luxembourg by adding additional  national data on top of the data volume already included in your subscription. 

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Forfait Bloqué+

The Forfait Bloqué+ is the perfect solution to keep control of your consumption: all communications not included in your plan are blocked. Plus, you can always continue surfing at a slower speed free of charge.

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Keep Surfing

Remain connected even after using all data in your plan.  Keep Surfing allows you to control your budget and avoid being billed for data overruns. With this option, you can simply continue surfing at a slower speed without being charged.

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Digital Press Services

Access a wide choice of publications from the best national and international press directly on your smartphone and tablet.

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Pack GO

As the owner of a Carte GO)), Tango's prepaid card, you can activate one of our Pack GO to enjoy much more data, calling and texting for 30 days throughout Europe. 

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