Tango is happy to introduce you our new partner GIANT whose App allows you to enjoy inflight WiFi across multiple airlines and earn rewards at the same time.

Discover more about GIANT Connect here :

What is GIANT Connect?

GIANT Connect is an app for iOS and Android that offers global, seamless internet connectivity.

This service includes:

  • Pay-as-you-go premium inflight WiFi in over 5000+ airplanes (buy enough credits before you fly as you can’t buy credits in the air; remaining credits can be used on your next flight)
  • Access to over 68 million hotspots around the world, through partners such as T-Mobile, BT, Boingo, Orange, Swisscom and many more.
  • Cellular eSIM data for mobile devices in 118 countries.
  • Free VPN with no cap, no credits required

How does it work?

  1. Install the App
  2. Check if inflight Wifi & Giant is available for your next flight
  3. Buy Credits via the GIANT application & earn rewards
  4. Enjoy the inflight WiFi
  5. The credits that remain are not lost – Use them on your next eligible flight for more WIFI entertainment. With any balance remaining you can also earn additional rewards


On which airlines does GIANT Connect offer inflight WiFi?

GIANT Connect supports inflight WiFi on United Airlines, Lufthansa, AirEuropa, Eurowings, Aer Lingus, Austrian and TAP Air Portugal. More airlines are joining all the time so be sure to come back and check before your next flight.

What are GIANT Rewards?

You earn GIANT Rewards when you:

  • Sign up through the app
  • Refer a friend
  • Buy credits with credit card or other approved method of payment
  • Spend your credits on connectivity
  • Maintain a balance in your account over 20 credits
  • Share your WiFi hotspot

GIANT Rewards may be redeemed for credits and spent on seamless, global connectivity. For every 100 GIANT Rewards, you will receive 1 credits.