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Net Protect

Peace of mind for your phone

An attack attempt is made by hackers every 39 seconds, and anyone can be fooled. 

Secure browsing
On the Tango mobile network and abroad

Fast and easy to activate
Nothing to install, one click and you're protected

First month free
Try it for free for a month

Of malicious websites and phishing attempts

Without commitment
Deactivate it whenever you want 

And blocking of malicious websites

Of phishing attempts

Against viruses and spyware

Without commitment
Deactivate it whenever you want 

How to activate
Useful documents

Activate the Tango Net Protect option via the MyTango app, by clicking on "Add an option". 


For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents:

Does Tango Net Protect protect me against all online threats?

Our cybersecurity service is updated every second with the latest threats. For maximum security, we advise all our users to remain vigilant and follow basic cybersecurity recommendations to avoid threats.

Does Net Protect also work on WiFi connections?

No, Net Protect does not protect you when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. However, you will be protected when using the Tango mobile network in Luxembourg, as well as mobile networks abroad.

With which plans is Tango Net Protect compatible?

The option is compatible with all Tango Smart, Smart LU, Infinity, Internet Mobile and Pack Connected mobile subscriptions.

Do I need to make any updates?

All updates are made directly by Tango via the mobile network. You don't need to worry about anything: our engineers are constantly working on keeping Tango Net Protect up to date.

Is there a commitment period?

No, you can cancel the service at any time.