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By default, you will be assigned a dynamic private IP address for your TANGO Internet connection. This type of IP address is suitable for all standard Internet use, but if you have specific needs, you can subscribe to one of the options below and obtain a public IP address.

Dynamic Public IP Address

A dynamic public IP address can be required if you want to remotely connect to a device connected behind your modem (file server, web server, etc.).

Option rates:

  • monthly subscription = €1.98/month (Commitment = 6 months)

Static Public IP Address

With the Static Public IP Address option you benefit from a permanent IP address.
This allows you to connect your computer to the Internet network with the same IP address.

The advantage of having a static IP is that you can host a website or FTP server.
Any Internet user that knows this IP address will therefore be able to easily access your site or server.

Option rates:

  • initialization fee = 99.86€
  • monthly subscription = 25.21€/month

Details and description

How to subscribe

Visit your nearest Tango point-of-sale
Contact our Customer Service

Conditions and guarantees

Option subject to a commitment period of 6 months

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: