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Forfait Bloqué+

Keeping your consumption under control is easy as it gets.

Activate Forfait Bloqué+ to block all out-of-bundle communications once you have used all the data and call volume included in your plan, and continue surfing at reduced speed without being charged.

The advantages of the Forfait Bloqué+ option

The Forfait Bloqué+ is the perfect solution to keep control of your consumption: all communications not included in your plan are blocked. Plus, you can always continue surfing at a slower speed (128 Kbps) free of charge in the same countries covered by your plan. 

How to activate
Useful documents

Activate the Forfait Bloqué+ option via the MyTango App, by clicking on "Add an option".

Forfait Bloqué+ is compatible with:

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents:

What if I need more data, minutes, or SMS?

If you need more flexibility, and want to continue communicating after having used all volume in your plan, you can top up your credit with a Tango prepaid card (€5, €10, €20 and €40). The additional usage will be billed according to the default rate for Tango Smart. 

How can I deactivate the option?

For security reasons, the Forfait Bloqué+ option can only be deactivated by our Customer Service, or by visiting a Tango shop.

Can I continue surfing at reduced speed abroad?

Once the data volume included in the main subscription has been used up, you can continue to use data at a slower speed (128 Kbps), without being billed for the additional volume of data used:

  • Within Luxembourg for the plans including data in Luxembourg
  • Within Luxembourg and roaming within Europe (Zone 1) for the plans including data in Europe.

Is there a commitment period?

Yes, the Forfait Bloqué+ option is subject to a 1-month commitment period.