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Internet and landline options

The options to customise your Tango Fibre Bizz plan

Static IP address

By default, you will be assigned a dynamic private IP address for your Tango Internet connection, suitable for all standard Internet use. To meet any specific business needs, you can subscribe to an option to obtain a static IP address.

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Public IP address

Whether you would like to remotely connect to your company's file server, web server, or any other device on your company network, a Dynamic Public IP Address is the perfect solution. It will improve the efficiency of your communications, and allow your employees to access your files or data from anywhere.

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Pack Communication Fixe

Call abroad from your landline without any worries. With Pack Communication Fixe, you can choose between two hourly packages for your calls to landlines and mobiles in Luxembourg and 38 other countries worldwide.

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Do you want to customize your Tango Fibre Bizz plan? With Tango's Internet options you can change your IP address from private to public and static, or call abroad with your fixed line without surprises.