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All additional options for our enterprise plans

Mobile options

Optimise your company plan: add the Forfait Bloqué+ option to block all out-of-bundle communications, or choose our the international options Tango Europe Pass, Tango World Pass, or Vodafone Voyager Pro to communicate with clients and partners at advantageous prices. 

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Device options

Discover the option Tango Solutions4New Device to reduce the purchase price of your company devices and spread their payment.

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Internet and Landline Options

Are you looking for options for your Internet connection such as public or static IP address, or the Pack Communication Bizz to call numbers abroad from your company landline? You have come to the right place.

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All the options to add to your Tango enterprise plans to suit your needs.


Tango offers you international and roaming options to use your company smartphone and tablet in Europe and outside the EU safely and without surprises, as well as Internet options to fulfill all your business needs.