An attack attempt is made by hackers every 39 seconds. Numerous strategies can be used and are becoming increasingly realistic: anyone can be fooled! It is therefore important to take every precaution to protect yourself.

To combat this nuisance, activate the Net Protect option in your My Tango app with just one click and protect yourself against fraudulent sites, phishing and viruses on your Tango mobile network, both in Luxembourg and abroad.

What are the benefits?

Why choose Net Protect?

  Detection and blocking of malicious websites
  Blocking of phishing attempts
  Protection against viruses and spyware

If you try to access a dangerous site, access will be blocked and you will be redirected to a warning page.

How do I activate Tango Net Protect?

You can activate the Tango Net Protect option directly in your MyTango app:

  Go to the "Shop" tab

 Click on Tango Net Protect

  Read the terms and conditions of use and click on "Activate the service" to accept them.

 You will receive an SMS confirming that the service has been activated, together with a link for more information.

You can also activate the Tango Net Protect service directly at a Tango point of sale or by calling Customer Service at 800 777 77.

What are the important conditions of the Tango Protect service?

Tango Net Protect is compatible with all Tango Smart, Smart LU, Infinity, Internet Mobile and Pack Connected mobile subscriptions.

You can cancel the service at any time.

Does Net Protect protect me against all online threats?

Our cyber security service is updated every second with the latest threats. For even more security, we advise all our users to remain vigilant and follow basic cyber security recommendations to avoid threats. More details >

Does Net Protect also work on WiFi connections?

No, Net Protect does not protect you when you are connected to a WiFi network. However, you will be protected when using the Tango mobile network in Luxembourg, as well as mobile networks abroad.

Do you have any other questions?

Visit our Forum to ask your question or consult our FAQs if you need more details.