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Discover the two versions of the covers offered by Insurance by Bâloise

With Insurance by Bâloise, you protect your smartphone or your tablet.

Insured value100% conventional value

Accidental damage and accidental oxidation

TheftAccidental lossFraudulent communications

Temporary replacement


Insurance S€300for 6 monthsup to €250€5.85/month
Insurance S+€300for 2 yearsup to €500€8.25/month
Insurance M€600for 6 monthsup to €250€9.15/month
Insurance M+€600for 2 yearsup to €500€13.50/month
Insurance L€900for 6 monthsup to €250€12.50/month
Insurance L+€900for 2 yearsup to €500€18.70/month
Insurance XL€1,200for 6 monthsup to €250€15.80/month
Insurance XL+€1,200for 2 yearsup to €500€24/month

Offer details

Why choose insurance cover?

Communications, diary, photos, applications: today coping without your smartphone would be a real nightmare! If it is damaged, lost or stolen, not only will you lose access to valuable services, but you also need to quickly come up with the rather large and unbudgeted sum necessary to replace it immediately.

What are the main advantages?

  • You insure your device according to your needs, defining yourself the insurable value among the proposed amounts
  • Your device is covered world-wide, when you travel abroad for example
  • There is no excess
  • There is no restriction on the number of claims, up to the maximum cover amount

Commitment period: 12 months with tacit renewal

Conditions and guarantees

Who can take out the Insurance by Bâloise packages?

They are reserved for Tango customers who have taken out a Tango mobile subscription and who have purchased a smartphone or a tablet from Tango. Tango prepaid mobile offers are not eligible for insurance cover.

What happens in the event of a claim?

In the event of accidental loss or theft, please contact Tango on 800 777 77 to have your SIM card blocked.
In the event of accidental damage or accidental oxidation, please take your device along to a Tango store. Only the device identified by its IMEI number when taking out the Insurance by Bâloise option is covered by it.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the documents below:

Information document on the insurance product