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Various packages are available:

Pass Internet MobileNumber of days of connectionData in EuropePrice
Pass Internet Mobile - 2 days2300 MB€5.45 - no commitement
Pass Internet Mobile - 10 days101.5 GB€15.37 - no commitement
Pass Internet Mobile - 20 days203 GB€25.28 - no commitement
Pass Internet Mobile - 30 days304.5 GB€35.69 - no commitement

Details and description


With the 4G+ mobile hotspot, you can connect up to 10 devices to your Pass Internet Mobile WiFi  with a download speed of up to 125Mbit/s.

Price of the 4G+ mobile hotspot : €60

How to subscribe

 Visit your nearest Tango shop

 Contact our Customer Service

Text "PASS INTERNET" followed by the number of days to 62000 (1)

For example: send "PASS Internet 30" to activate the Mobile Internet Pass for a 30-day connection.

(1) The amount of the charge will be automatically debited from your prepaid card.

Conditions and guarantees

The prepaid Mobile Internet Pass solution includes traffic sent and received in Europe.

The number of days of connection are not necessarily consecutive.

Charging basis: 1KB

You can call and text in Europe (including Luxembourg) and in the rest of the world in accordance with the rates in force and the additional units applicable beyond the Internet Pass limit.

(1) Commitment-free Internet offer subject to conditions. Can only be used in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in the countries of the European Union within the limits of the zones covered by the GSM/GPRS/3G/3G+/4G network, excluding Peer to Peer, streaming, Voice over IP and Newsgroups.

(2) The connection time included may be consumed in an unlimited number of sessions, within the limits of the included hours and the MB volume included in each Mobile Internet Pass

(3) The amount in euros of the prepaid data service is charged directly to the card upon activation.
If you wish to call or send texts and your credit is 0, you will have to recharge your prepaid card.

(4) At the end of the period of validity of the SIM card, if it has not been activated in the meantime, the included credit will be permanently lost. In the event of prolonged inactivity of more than 6 months, the card is deactivated and the credit included definitively lost.

Conditions of fair and responsible use

The unlimited data fixed package includes an unlimited volume of data exchange. However, for capacity reasons, beyond 30GB of volume exchanged, Tango reserves the right to limit download speeds temporarily, without informing the customer of this in advance. On these same grounds, Tango reserves the right to terminate any consecutive sessions lasting for longer than four hours of connection. The customer hereby undertakes to behave reasonably when s/he accesses and communicates on the Tango mobile network, as any continuous usage could potentially cause inconvenience to other users.

Commitment conditions

The Pass Mobile Internet prepaid solution enables you to connect to the Internet via the Tango mobile network. However, usage is different from a fixed ADSL connection.
Usage costs abroad can be extremely high. You can block roaming traffic to avoid excess costs.

  Here are the codes to text to 62777:

  • to block all roaming traffic (voice, text messages, data): #ROAM#STOP#
  • to unblock all roaming traffic (voice, text messages, data): #ROAM#GO#
  • to check your status: #ROAM#

A confirmation text message will be sent to you once your order is received and processed by the system.

Unblocking via text is not possible when you are abroad.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: