Discover the advantages of the Keep Surfing option

You used all the data of your subscription but you want to keep being reachable? We have the solution! For only €2.97/month, Keep Surfing is an option that allows you to keep surfing with a slower speed of 128Kbps, so you can always be reached!

Option description

The Keep Surfing option allows you to continue to use data at a slower speed (128 Kbps), beyond the volume included in the main subscription without being billed for the additional volume of data used:

  • Within Luxembourg for the Tango Smart LU offer
  • Within Luxembourg and roaming within Europe (Zone 1) for the Tango Smart and Tango Infinity offers with Europe included

This option allows you to control your budget and avoid being billed for data overruns. Keep Surfing is compatible with the Tango Smart LU subscription and with the Tango Smart XS,  S, M und L, and Tango Infinity(versions with and without smartphone).

Manage your Keep Surfing option

Manage your option

  • Subscribe to the option via the My Tango app 
  • The billed amount for the option is indicated in the tab "Estimate of your ongoing monthly bill", in the "My options" category.

Cancel at any time

  • Via the App, slide the button on “Deactivate” in the options page (accessible in the "Optimize my usage" section);
  • By calling Tango Customer Service at 777;
  • By visiting one of our points of sale.

Details and conditions

L’option Keep Surfing is subject to a 1-Month commitment period.

After using all the data included in your subscription, the speed will be slowed down to 128Kbps, until the reset of your plan the following month.

This is not compatible with the Forfait Bloqué+ option.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents:

 General and specific conditions
Fiches signalétiques
List of rates