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Discover the advantages of the Europe options

Make the most of calls to Europe using the Europe options. The Europe 2H and Europe 5H options allow you to benefit from 120 to 300 call minutes to fixed-line and mobile numbers in Europe from €9.42/month.

Europe 2H Option Europe 5H Option
Calls2h calls to Europe 5h calls to Europe
Pricesfrom €9,42/monthfrom €20,32/month

Details and description

Your Tango subscriptionEurope 2H OptionEurope 5H Option
Tango Complet  €9,42/month€20,32/month
Tango K.O. €9,42/month€20,32/month
Tango Smart LU€9,42/month€20,32/month

This option is compatible with:

  • Tango Complet
  • Tango K.O .
  • Tango Smart LU

How to subscribe

Send EUROPE 2H by text message to 62000 (free of charge) for the Europe 2H option

Send EUROPE 5H by text message to 62000 (free of charge) for the Europe 5H option

Visit our nearest Tango point of sale

Contact our Customer Service

Conditions and guarantees

Charging basis : minute.

These options are not subject to a minimum commitment period.

When subscribing to the Europe 2H & Europe 5H options, the former Pays Préférés option will be de-activated automatically.

You can check the level of your consumption by texting « INFO EUR » to 62000 (free of charge)

For a list of available countries depending on your rate plan, click here.

Communications to special numbers are not included. For the tariffs applicable to other communications and in the event exceeding your package, please refer to the details of your Tango subscription.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: