My New Mobile

Enjoy an option that lets you finance your device at a preferential rate!

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Insurance by Bâloise

With Insurance by Bâloise, you protect your smartphone or your tablet.

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Forfait bloqué

Thanks to this option you’ll use your Tango Smart subscription without exceeding your fixed-rate allowance. The option to communicate with total peace of mind.

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Call and surf from abroad thanks to our many offers...

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Data extension option

Enjoy 5GB of national data for your Tango Smart LU, Tango Smart LU+ or Tango Internet Mobile LU XXL subscription.

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Discover the options to communicate with the international...

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Family Discount

Tango helps families make savings! Mobile, Fixed Internet…You can save €5 to €25 per month on your Tango bill!

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Pass Internet Mobile

Prepaid mobile Internet "à la carte" without any commitment

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