Take control of your internet connection at home with My Tango Wifi!

With the My Tango Wifi app, check the status of your internet connection in real time.
Go further and control your private and guest WiFi networks, share them or restrict the access.

Control the access to your Wifi networks and manage all the connected devices

Test the speed of your Fritz!Box modem and the wifi signal reception

Limit the access to a selected list of websites with the parental control

Install the app now

  Download the My Tango Wifi app from the App Store or the Google Play Store

  Make sure you are connected to your Tango Wifi network

  Open the My Tango Wifi app and enter the password of your Fritz!Box modem


Details and description

The main functions of the My Tango Wifi app:

- Test the speed of your connection and see how you can optimise it
- Switch your various Wi-Fi networks on or off, and also rename them and change the passwords for them
- Test your Wi-Fi signal and optimise its reception
- Share your access in the blinking of an eye
- Control which devices are allowed to connect and which are not
- Use the parental controls, thus restricting access to certain sites for specific users and much more…

Download the app and open the menu to see more details about the features available