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Pass Internet Mobile

The data you need, whenever you need them

Do you need more data for your prepaid card? Get more in Luxembourg and Europe with your Carte GO)) prepaid, without any commitments and without risking to exceed your budget. Opt for Pass Internet Mobile.

The advantages of the Pass Internet Mobile

Keep control on your budget with the Pass Internet Mobile for your prepaid card. Simply choose the number of days of connection, and activate your data package à la carte, without commitment. All set! You can now surf worry-free in Luxembourg and Europe.  

How to activate
Useful documents

Activate the Pass Internet Mobile via the MyTango app, by clicking on "Add an option".

Monitor your consumption in real time with the MyTango app, available for Android and iOS. MyTango allows you to check your consumption at any time and manage all the options included in your subscription. 

Please note: the number of days in your Pass Internet Mobile do not need to be consecutive. 

Once you finish your data, our general conditions of sale apply.

Usage costs abroad can be high. You can block roaming traffic to avoid excess costs.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents:

In which countries can I use the Pass Internet Mobile?

The Pass Internet Mobile are valid in Luxembourg and in Europe.

Can I use the Pass Internet Mobile for my 4G+ mobile hotspot ?

Yes. With the 4G+ mobile hotspot, you can connect up to 10 devices to your Pass Internet Mobile WiFi with a download speed of up to 125Mbit/s.

How can I deactivate my Pass Internet Mobile?

These options are not subject to a minimum commitment period, and they will not renew automatically.

Is there a commitment period?

No, the Pass Internet Mobile are not subject to a minimum commitment.