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Carte Go))

A commitment-free prepaid SIM card to roam in Europe

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Carte GO)) - In a nutshell

National data at 5G speed

Data, calls and SMS included in Europe

Data bonus valid for 30 days

Without commitment 

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Useful documents

Carte GO)) is Tango's prepaid SIM card. It includes 5G-Fast connectivity (with a compatible smartphone and in the covered regions). All calls, data and SMS can also be used in Europe (see list of countries).

Carte GO)) is a commitment-free plan. Your credit is valid for 13 months from your last top-up. You can also add options such as the Pack GO through the MyTango app.

No problem! You can top up your credit here on our website or by buying a top-up card at one of our partner shops (supermarkets, gas stations, K Kiosk, etc.).

With your credit, you can also purchase one of our Pack GO)), to enjoy the benefits of a plan with the freedom of a prepaid card:

  • Pack GO)) M for €10: 1GB, 60min of calls and 200 SMS/day
  • Pack GO)) L for €20: 2GB, 300min of calls and 200 SMS/day

Pack GO)) is valid for 30 days throughout Europe. After 30 days, the option will automatically renew (if there is enough balance). You can activate any Pack GO through the MyTango app.

Your credit can be used in Europe as in Luxembourg.

If you plan to travel outside Europe, please consult our list of rates.

Depending on your needs, you can add options to your Carte GO)). Here is the list of all compatible options:

- Pack GO)) : Make all your calls in Europe with the control and flexibility of your prepaid card

- Option Europe : enjoy even more calls to Europe

- Pass Internet Mobile : get extra data for surfing in Europe

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents:

Any questions?

How can I change my phone if I already have a contract?

Depending on the remaining duration of your mobile plan's contract, you can change your mobile phone without restrictions, or after paying potential costs tied to your current contract. To check the length of your contract, simply start a chat with our customer service, available 24/7. We will gladly answer all your questions.

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Which documents do I need to purchase a plan?

Please note that only the account holder can purchase a mobile plan.

If you already are a Tango customer, you will need your account number (displayed on your invoice or in the Account section of the app MyTango) and a delivery address in Luxembourg to receive your mobile phone, if you wish to purchase one.

If you aren't yet a Tango customer, you will need your ID card or passport, your bank account in Luxembourg, your LuxTrust token and a delivery address in Luxembourg to receive your mobile phone.

How can I complete my online purchase?

With Tango, you can purchase a mobile plan in few easy steps. First, choose the mobile plan that best suits you with our Offer Configurator tool. Then, choose your phone (if you wish to add one), go to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will be prompted to add your personal information as well as your delivery address to receive your new smartphone. Don't worry, you will be able to verify all your data before confirming your purchase.

Can I keep my mobile number?

Yes, absolutely! You can keep your number regardless of your Luxembourgish provider. All you need to do is to specify your current provider during checkout. For more information regarding changing the operator, you can check here.

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Get all the text and data you need all around Europe without exceeding your budget and without an annual contract.

Choose the most used prepaid SIM card solution in Luxembourg. Before purchasing your top-up, you must first get your Starter Pack at €10, which includes all the advantages of the €10 top-up, plus a SIM card and your mobile number.