Personalized surprises

Being a Tango customer means more advantages and exclusive surprises on your offer to thank you for your loyalty or to celebrate a special occasion throughout the year!

All these offers and benefits will be communicated to you directly by post, email, or on your MyTango app.

Enjoy in the My Tango App: gifts all year round

As a Tango customer, you have access to our Enjoy game available in your MyTango app.

Log in and try your luck at winning incredible gifts every two weeks in your app.


How to enjoy the program ?

Easy access with your login !



Questions ?

How to join the Enjoy loyalty program?

As a Tango Mobile customer, you automatically have access to the MyTango app and Enjoy contests.
In addition, Enjoy has some surprises/gifts in store for you... all year long

Who can take part in the Enjoy wheel?

All residential mobile customers can get involved in the Enjoy wheel and try to win numerous prizes each month.

Joining in couldn't be easier: download the MyTango app, and go to the "Enjoy" tab to spin the wheel and try to win great prizes!

What prizes are up for grabs thanks to Enjoy?

The Enjoy loyalty program allows you to win numerous gifts such as trips, phones, gift cards, concert tickets, discounts on your subscriptions... And you'll get a fresh batch of surprises each month!

I am not a Tango customer. How can I join in?

To get involved in the Enjoy loyalty program, you must be a residential Tango customer.

How do I receive my Enjoy gifts?

In the case of a contest, we will directly get in touch with you to tell you how to collect your gift.
All year long, you will receive e-mails, letters and also notifications in the Mytango app!

Any other questions?

Visit our Forum to ask your question or check out our FAQs if you need more details.