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Discover the advantages of Vodafone Voyager Pro

With Vodafone Voyager Pro, you can make telephone calls, send and receive text messages, browse the Net and share anywhere in the world. What's more, you only pay when you use your telephone in roaming mode.

Compatible subscriptionsIncludedPrice
Vodafone Voyager ToPTango Smart Bizz, Tango Pack Connected, Tango Internet Mobile50 units in zone ToP€15/day
Vodafone Voyager RoW 1Tango Smart Bizz, Tango Pack Connected, Tango Internet Mobile50 units in zone RoW 1€35€/day
1 unit = 1 minute call in a same zone  or to Europe or the United States - 1 text - 1MB*Tango Smart Pro and Tango Smart LU Pro subscriptions taken before 30/05/2022.

Details and description

Vodafone and Tango offer you the best roaming solutions:

  • Free option: you only pay for the days you actually use your phone in roaming.
  • All-in-one, worry-free roaming solution.  Calls, texts and Internet are all included.
  • No contract. You can terminate this option whenever you like.
  • Manage your budget

Simple and transparent
The simple pricing helps you to manage your communication budget in an optimal way thanks to a single rate for  business destinations.

Efficient and available
You benefit from the reputation, experience and international presence of Vodafone, also available outside the European Union.

How to subscribe

Contact our Business Customer Service

Contact our sales team

Conditions and guarantees

Signing up

This option is only activated once you have received a text message confirming your subscription.

Service activation

The period of 24 consecutive hours is automatically activated on your subscription and you will only be charged for 24 hours once you make or receive a call, send a text message or start a data session while roaming in Europe on a foreign network. You will then be charged automatically by packs of 24 hours, unless you deactivate the service.

If you do not use your phone in roaming mode, the 24-hour pack will not be activated and you will not be charged.

All the roaming communications (calls, texts and data) included in the Vodafone Voyager option of your choice and not used during the 24-hour period will be lost.

Terms and conditions for automatic reactivation of the service

As soon as you activate the Vodafone Voyager option for the first time and use the service  for the first time, the service will be automatically renewed without you having to do anything.

Terms and conditions for deactivation of the service

To cancel this option, all you need to do is contact our professional Customer Service from your mobile device or send to 62000 (free of charge):

  • for Vodafone Voyager Pro: STOP VR
  • for Vodafone Voyager ToP: STOP VR TOP
  • for Vodafone Voyager Row1 : STOP VR ROW

Pack Control

For your security and for control purposes, we have put in place two different mechanisms to keep an eye on your Vodafone Voyager consumption. :

We will send you an automatic text message warning you once you have reached 80% and 100% of your consumption pack.

Check how much of your Vodafone Voyager pack you have consumed by texting to 62000 (free of charge):

  • for Vodafone Voyager Pro: VR CONTROL
  • for Vodafone Voyager ToP: INFO VR TOP
  • for Vodafone Voyager Row 1: INFO VR ROW

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: