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The Tango Europe Pass options are perfectly adapted to professionals who communicate and travel frequently within Europe and the US. They include incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and mobile Internet in Europe and in the US. These options are simply added to your Tango Enterprise subscription.

Compatible subscriptionsIncludedPrice
Tango Europe Pass 100Tango Enterprise100 units in Europe + US€5/month
Tango Europe Pass 200Tango Enterprise200 units in Europe + US€9/month
Tango Europe Pass 300Tango Enterprise300 units in Europe + US€13/month
Tango Europe Pass 500Tango Enterprise500 units in Europe + US€20/month
Tango Europe Pass 1000Tango Enterprise1000 units in Europe + US€35/month

1 unit = 1 call minute (outgoing) - 1 text message sent - 1 MMS message sent from Luxembourg to Europe or to the US - 1 MMS message received in Europe or in the US - 1 MB

Details and description

The Tango Europe Pass options allow you to communicate anywhere in Europe and in the US, from €5/month.

Bind: 6 months

Check your pack usage by texting EU PASS to 62000.

Premium-rate or surcharged numbers, as well as Premium-rate text messages, are not included in the Tango Europe Pass options.

The prices indicated do not include VAT.
To discover the applicable rates for other communications and in case you exceed your bundle, please refer to the details of your Tango subscription.

How to subscribe

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Conditions and guarantees

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: