VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) is a technical development that allows calls to be made over the Wi-Fi network.

The advantage of VoWiFi is that it allows you to make calls in places where coverage is poor, which is useful indoors if you cannot get a mobile network signal.

To make a call via Wi-Fi, check that you meet the following conditions:
- You have a Tango Smart, Tango Infinity or Tango K.O. subscription
- You have a VoWiFi-certified smartphone with the latest update of your smartphone's software and operator (TANGO 34.1)
- You are connected to a Wi-Fi network

Important: TANGO does not support emergency calls via Wi-Fi.

Activating WiFi calling

Make sure that your phone is in the list of certified telephones before activating WiFi calling (find list below)

To activate/deactivate WiFi calling on an Apple phone:
1. Access the "Settings" menu
2. Select "Cellular Data"
3. Next, select "Wi-Fi Calling"
4. Activate/Deactivate "Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone" with the switch

Phones compatible with WiFi calling

List of smartphones certified for use with VoWiFi technology:
- iPhone XS and XS Max
- iPhone X
- iPhone 8 
and 8 Plus
- iPhone 7 
and 7 Plus
- iPhone 6s 
and 6s Plus
- iPhone 6 
and 6 Plus

Other models will follow soon.

Billing of Wi-Fi calling

Tango Smart and Tango Infinity subscription

Calls made over Wi-Fi are included in your subscription. They will be deducted from your voice units.
If you use up all the voice units included in your Tango Smart or Tango Infinity subscription, you will be charged for the Wi-Fi calling at the normal rate applicable to a call.

Tango K.O. subscriptions
Calls you make over Wi-Fi will be charged by the minute at the normal rate applicable to a call made with a Tango K.O. subscription.

Making a call via WiFi

Calls within Luxembourg and to international destinations:

You need to:
- Have a Tango Smart, Tango Infinity or Tango K.O. subscription
- Have a smartphone certified for use with WiFi calling with the latest update of the software and the operator (TANGO 34.1)
- Be connected to a Wi-Fi network, with the mobile network being unavailable

If all these conditions are met, when you make your call it will automatically go through VoWiFi.

Calls from abroad:
Currently, it is not possible to make calls over Wi-Fi from abroad. For Tango customers, this service is only available on Wi-Fi networks in Luxembourg.