What to do when lightning strikes

With summer and thunderstorm season around the corner, why not take the necessary precautions to avoid power surges that could damage your electrical devices.

Before a storm

Switch off and unplug your electrical devices:

  • Your Fritzbox
  • Your decoder
  • Your landline (don’t forget to unplug the electrical plug and the telephone plug)
  • Your CPL or Wi-Fi Bridge


Also, make sure you unplug the Ethernet cable from the DSL port at the back of your Fritzbox modem!

You can also ask your electrician to install a surge protector, which allows you to continue to make the most of our services, even in a thunderstorm.

After the thunderstorm

Reconnect and switch on your Fritzbox and decoder.

  • Fritzbox
  1. Make sure the Power DSL light is solid green.
  2. Make sure that the WLAN light is green
  3. If the internet connection isn’t restored, consult the Internet and Wi-Fi problems section

If your Internet connection of your decoder still don’t work properly, call our Customer Service on 800 777 77.