Managing a breakdown

Your phone has a 24-month warranty. We will take care of the repair if you purchased it from Tango.

Visit one of our points-of-sale if you would like advice from a salesperson.

To start the repair process, bring your purchase bill, phone, and any accessories with you to the store. Your phone will be repaired as quickly as possible.

Under the warranty (valid for 2 years after purchase), the repair of your mobile phone (excluding the battery and accessories) is subject to certain conditions.

Out of warranty, the repair costs will be billed to you.

You can ask for a free quote.

NB: If you are the owner of a Samsung phone, please follow this procedure (Samsung procedure for disabling protection.pdf Maud) before sending your device for repair.

Tracking the repair of my mobile phone

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the link
  2. Enter your mobile number without the digits 352 or the tracking code you received with your repair request form.

You will then be able to track the repair of your mobile phone.

Obtaining a mobile "on loan"

The loan of a mobile phone only applies to customers who purchased their device with a Tango subscription.

Tango cannot guarantee that you will be lent a phone while your handset is in for repair. This depends on the availability of loan handsets and their distribution among the different points-of-sale.

Visit one of the following Tango Shops to obtain a mobile on loan: Bertrange Siege, Philippe II, Cora Foetz, Bascharage, Diekirch, or Belle Etoile. The mobile loan is a pay-for, immediate service.

NB: If the loaned device is not returned within the agreed timeframe, Tango will be entitled to bill you for the sales price of the mobile phone.