Activating my prepaid card

After you have purchased a prepaid card (on which your PIN code and number are indicated) in one of our points-of-sale:

  • Insert the SIM card and switch on your mobile. Enter your PIN code and validate.
  • Your prepaid card will be automatically activated the first time you place a call.

Your phone number is indicated at the back of the card.

NB: Luxembourg legislation requires the identification of prepaid card holders. If you did not purchase your prepaid card at a Tango point-of-sale, fill in the identification form available on our site

Topping up my prepaid card

There are 2 ways of topping up a prepaid card:

  1. Via a traditional top-up:

Purchase a top-up at a Tango point-of-sale or other approved seller (petrol station, supermarket, newsagent). After that, text *121*xxxxxxxxxxx#  (xxxxxxxxxxxx being the 12-digit top-up code).
For example, if the code on your top-up is 123456654321, enter: *121*123456654321#

  1. Via the Tango Family service:

With Tango Family, customers with a subscription can top up a prepaid line.
To create your Tango Family community, text #FAMILY#CREATE to 62000.
To add a member to your Tango Family, text #FAMILY#ADD#<mobile number> to 62000.

A member of your Tango Family can top up your prepaid card by texting the following code to 62000: #RE#691xxxxxx#amount, ''xxxxxx'' being the last 6 digits of the prepaid card to be topped up. For the amount in €, enter 5, 10, 20 or 50. The subscriber will be charged this amount on his or her next Tango bill.

For example, by entering #RE#691123456#10 you top up the card linked to the number 691 123 456 with €10.

Validity period of my advantages and my credit in case of several top-ups

In case of several top-ups, the validity period of your advantages is cumulated up to 60 days whereas that of your credit is not cumulated – you have until the latest validity date of all your top-ups to use your credit:

Example: You top up for €10. The credit will be valid for 9 months.
One month later, you have €5 credit left (valid for 8 months) and you top up for €20 (valid for 9 months); the validity period taken into account will be that of the latest top-up because it is the longest (9 months compared to 8 months). The total credit of €25 will therefore be valid for 9 months.

To find out when the validity period of your advantages expires, text STATUT to 62500. NB: You will be charged €0.51 for sending this text.

Switching to a mobile rate plan

You can opt for a Tango subscription any time, keeping the number of your prepaid card and your credit.

If you want to subscribe to a mobile + subscription offer, visit one of our points-of-sale and bring your identity card or passport, your bank details, and a proof of residence.

If you want a subscription without a mobile, call our Customer Service on 800 777 77 or visit one of our points-of-sale.

The remaining credit on your prepaid card will be automatically deducted from your first bill.