Choosing my new bundle

Discover our offers in a point-of-sale or on our website.

To find a solution that matches your data usage, don't hesitate to use our data usage estimator.

Simply select a subscription that suits your needs.

If you need a new mobile phone, be sure to use our mobile phone comparison tool.

Opening my line and keeping my number (porting)

You can keep your telephone number when you switch to Tango from another Luxembourg operator. Simply visit one of our points-of-sale with your identity card and your Post, Orange, or Join SIM card and fill in a porting request. You will receive a new Tango SIM card.
That's all you have to do; Tango will take care of the cancellation of your contract as well as the number porting and line activation.
We will send you a text indicating the date that your number will be available at Tango. On that date, simply insert your new Tango SIM card into your mobile phone. You will then be a Tango customer and can benefit from all the advantages of the offer you have chosen.

NB: The number porting does not release you from your contractual and financial obligations under your previous contract. You must respect the contractual obligations agreed with your previous operator and, above all, settle all your bills (for communications, subscriptions and services).

Unlocking the SIM of a mobile from another operator

Contact the customer service of your previous operator to find out what steps to take.