Subscribing and unsubscribing

There are numerous mobile options to choose from, which include Internet and calls to or from a foreign country. For more information, the MyTango app can recommend options based on your usage. You can also obtain more information on our website, in one of our points-of-sale or by calling  800 777 77.

You can add or deactivate options:

  • via MyTango
  • by calling our Customer Service on 800 777 77
  • in a point-of-sale, where a salesperson will assist you (click here to find a point-of-sale near you)
  • by texting a code:
Subscription optionsTango FreebordersSubscribe to the Tango FreeBorders Data optionDATA FB62000
Subscribe to the Tango FreeBorders Voice & SMS optionVOICE FB62000
EuropeSubscribe to the Europe 2H optionEUROPE 2H62000
Subscribe to the Europe 5H optionEUROPE 5H62000
Vodafone VoyagerSubscribe to the Vodafone Voyager optionVR62000
Tango InternationalActivate Tango International#TI#62000
Prepaid card optionsTango Europe 1HSubscribe to Tango Europe 1hEUROPE62500
Tango Easy ProntoActiver Easy Pronto 10#EASY#1062000
Activer Easy Pronto 15#EASY#15
Mobile Internet PassSubscribe to the Mobile Internet PassINTERNET PASS followed by the number of days – e.g. INTERNET PASS 15 (for 15 days)62000