Connecting my Fritzbox

  • Installation by approved Tango technicians:

Technicians will deliver your equipment and install it. This option will be billed to you.

  • Installation via self-install:

The installation is very simple. After your equipment has been delivered to your home, simply follow the instructions on your Fritzbox. To consult them, click here. (Connecting my FB.pdf).
If you can't connect your Fritzbox via self-install, make sure you've followed all the steps in the installation guide, and then call our Customer Service on 800 777 77 for assistance.

• Configuring my Fritzbox

  • Configuring my Fritzbox for the first time

Consult this document and follow the instructions.

  • Changing the network name of my Fritzbox

Change the network name of your Fritzbox via the Fritzbox interface.

Updating my Fritzbox

Tango runs updates remotely. However, access to certain Fritzboxes may be limited for various reasons (they are offline, the remote-control function is disabled, etc.).

To run an update manually, go to the interface of the Fritzbox via your IP address and then go to the "System" menu. To launch the update, click "Update".