Useful information before I cancel my subscription

If your fixed and Internet offer is no longer suitable, you can easily adapt the offer to your needs (link to change of offer). If you no longer use your fixed line, you can transfer it to a relative (link to FAQ on transferring my line to a relative) so that he or she can use it.

Also, when you move, you don't need to cancel your offer. For more information on managing a move, consult our FAQ on moving.

Requesting a line cancellation

For this, please call our cancellation service directly on 27 777 611. One of our agents will immediately handle your request and can even go over your Tango subscriptions with you.

What are the cancellation fees?

Each case is different, which is why we ask you to call our cancellation service on 27 777 611.
However, there are several types of fees:

  • Commitment fees, corresponding to the remaining months you committed to and are no longer known as early cancellation fees;
  • Administrative fees, linked to any cancellation request;
  • Equipment fees (for modems, decoders).

For more information about cancellation fees, please consult this document.