An easiest interface

With the new year, Tango TV is giving its main pages, i.e. “TV Guide” and “My Content”, a brand new look.

How do you update your Tango TV decoder?

It couldn't be simpler!

Connect and disconnect the power cable, which is located on the back of your decoder.

Check that the update has been performed properly by pressing the button on your remote control.

If the new TV Guide appears, you have successfully downloaded the update and can now enjoy a simpler and faster interface!

Stuck on the start screen of your Tango TV decoder?

Go down to the "Launch" button with your remote control. Select it then validate with .

Is your usual TV Guide still displayed?

This means that the update has not been carried out. You will therefore have to do it manually. We'll explain how:

  • Open your TV settings by pressing the last button, at the bottom left, on your remote control.
  • Select the "Stockage" menu, validate with and then choose "Applications". Press.
  • Use the arrows on the remote control to scroll down to "Agenda" (don't press OK) then scroll up to "Tango Market". Validate .
  • Choose the "EFFACER LES DONNÉES" option and validate .
  • A confirmation message is displayed. Select OK using the arrows on the remote control and then.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the decoder’s power cable. The download of the update will then take place in front of your eyes!
  • Back to your TV channels, press the button to check that the new TV Guide is displayed.

And that's it!

Update your decoder connected to Wi-Fi

The update did not take place and your decoder is connected to Wi-Fi?

Update by following the procedure described in the video tutorial.

What are the changes?

New TV Guide

Tango TV customers will discover a horizontal TV guide!

This new display affords a wider and clearer view of the programming of the different channels of the offer. Navigation inside the program grid is always done using the directional arrows on the remote control. What's more, new features have been added!

The double arrows of the remote control allow you to navigate more rapidly in the days. The left double arrow allows you to go back quickly in the programs of the last 7 days, while the right double arrow allows you to go forward in the programs of the next 7 days.

The P+ and P- keys allow you to navigate more rapidly between channels!

Rethought "My content" section

The “My Content” section enables you to find your recordings, whether standalone or serial, your reminders, and the videos on demand you are currently renting.

Thanks to the new display, you can find your standalone or serial recordings with ease, and delete only the episodes you want!

For further information, please go to our video tutorials page:  here.

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