5G Fast speed

Calls in Luxembourg and Europe : €0.12/min

National texts : €0.0916/text

Data in Europe : €0.234/MB


K.O Smart

5G Fast speed

Calls/texts/MMS in Europe 100 units

Data in Europe: 1 GB

5 /month

The + of the Tango K.O. offer

  • Without commitment, you only pay for what you use
  • One of the lowest rates on the market to communicate in Europe
  • Track your real-time spend on your My Tango app

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More details about the offer

With the commitment-free Tango K.O. package you only pay for what you actually use.
The domestic rates available in this package are among the lowest on the market, so you get communications both in Luxembourg and the rest of Europe at a super low price! With the Tango K.O. subscription without commitment, you benefit from a high-quality 4G network which covers 97% of the population in Luxembourg, and the 4G+ network which guarantees a download speed of 225 Mbps!

You can use the My Tango application to view both your communications and what you’re spending in real time. The commitment-free Tango K.O. package can be cancelled at any time.

You also receive lots of options with your package.

Tango K.O. is not subject to a commitment period.

National calls to all national mobile operators are billed at €0.12/min, just like national calls to landlines.
National SMS to all national mobile operators are billed at €0.0916/min.
Charging basis: 60s/60s

As from the 15th of June 2017, the data volumes will be at the same price in Luxembourg and in other European countries.
The data traffic will be charged € 0.234/MB. Billing will be in 1kb increments.

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