Smart Illimité


+ 30GB in Europe

5G Max speed

Calls/texts/MMS in Europe 6000 units

National Digital press unlimited

55 /month

& get €30 off your bill*
Smart Illimité


+ 30GB in Europe

5G Max speed

Calls/texts/MMS in Europe 6000 units

National Digital press unlimited

35 /month

& get €30 off your bill*


  • No hidden conditions. Whether you exceed your subscription limit or travel abroad, it's simple and clear.
  • Surf at the speed of Tango's 5G : 5G Max up to 1,5Gbps
  • My Tango app, controlled over-limit charges, text alerts, blocked bundle, etc. you have control over your subscription.

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More details about the offer

The 5G all-in subscription, adapted to your needs

Tango Smart Unlimited 5G is the ideal subscription offer for those who like traveling or regularly cross the border. A subscription for all your communications: calls, texts, MMSes, e-mails, Internet browsing, social networks, instant messaging, favorite music, streaming series, online gaming, etc. and adapted to your needs. A little, a lot, a crazy amount: no matter what your usage, there's a bundle for you!

Take advantage of optimal network coverage throughout the whole of Europe. Travel carefree and communicate without having to worry about any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. With Tango Smart Unlimited, Europe is included!

And to take advantage of the ultra-fast speed of our 5G, simply make sure you use a compatible smartphone in the areas covered. Surf up to 1,5 Gbps with 5G Max.

Calls, texts and data included ... everything you need to know

Tango Smart Unlimited subscription includes units allowing you to make calls and send texts and MMS messages (excluding special numbers, fax numbers and video telephony):

- within Luxembourg,
- from Luxembourg to Europe,
- from Europe to Luxembourg or Europe.

With regard to data, the volumes included in each subscription are specified above. 

You can find the list of countries included in your bundle here.

Details about the promotional offers

*Conditions Smart Illimité : Promotional offer valid until 26.04.2021 and limited to the first 1000 lines. 12-month commitment for Tango Smart Unlimited without smartphone and 24-month commitment for Tango Smart Unlimited with smartphone.

Webdeals Details and conditions : 

30 Rabatt: Promotional offer valid until 22.03.2021 inclusive for any subscription to Tango Smart XS, S/S+ to XXXL/XXXL+, with or without smartphone. Discount of €30€ applicable on the first invoice.

Warning: Web deals promotions are vaid only for finalized online subscriptions. If you choose a Fast Pass at the point of sale or an order by phone via Customer Service, the promotion cannot apply.

With Tango Smart, you keep control over your usage and your bill.

Download our "My Tango" app and manage your entire mobile subscription ... with your mobile. The app will for example enable you to view your usage in real time and have an accurate estimate of your next bill.  You'll also be able to define a usage limit for all communications outside Europe (not included in your subscription).

Any doubts about your usage?

No news is good news. You're warned by text message before you reach your bundle limit (when you have used up 80% and 100% of the included volume).

And if you actually do exceed your bundle limit, don't panic, you'll be kept informed: *
   - Calls: for the biggest chatterboxes, out-of-bundle calls will be billed according to the currently applicable European rate, i.e. €0.22/unit.
   - Texts: €

Everything is transparent. You can also follow the evolution of your out-of-bundle usage on the My Tango app.

*And if you never want to hear any mention of out-of-bundle, choose our forfait bloqué option (€2/month). Ask for advice from our customer service or in a point of sale.

What happens if I go abroad?

Continue to use your subscription with peace of mind, we'll offer your solutions to manage your budget.

The volumes of data, texts and calls are fully usable all over Europe (see list of countries) in the same way as in Luxembourg.

Do you travel regularly outside Europe?

Consult the rates list to find out the cost of each international and roaming communication.

Finally, to always maintain control and benefit from the best rates, the Voyager World option, for €10/day, offers you a large volume of data along with calls and texts included for use in the rest of the world (see the list of countries here).

Tango accompanies you everywhere with a solution tailored to manage your budget.

Want to change subscription?

Nothing could be simpler; if you're eligible, all you have to do is select the subscription of your choice on the website, validate your shopping basket and provide your customer details, and we'll take care of everything!

Want to leave us?

We of course regret this but here, too, Tango commits to make your life easier; all you have to do is call 777.
Don't forget to consult our online support to find out the conditions for termination and any charges that may apply*.

* if you have a joint offer that includes a smartphone, you will for example have to pay the amount outstanding for that phone.

For more details and the terms and conditions, please refer to the documents below: