Up to €30 discount per month (€360/year), how does it work?

Which subscriptions to benefit from the family discount?

Mobile advantage (-€5/per month per subscription) :

Up to €25/month discount on your bill by subscribing to one or more mobile subscriptions (up to 5 mobile subscriptions) among the following, in addition to your fixed Internet subscription:



TV advantage (-5/month on Tango TV) :

€5/month discount on your invoice by subscribing to one of the following subscriptions, in addition to your fixed Internet subscription:



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Details and conditions

The Family discount applies from the second subscription once you have Tango Fibre or Tango Internet, only for private customers in the context of new or renewed subscriptions grouped in the same account which includes a Tango Fibre or Tango Internet subscription. It is possible to cumulate up to €30 (including taxes) in monthly discounts, corresponding to the grouping of six eligible subscriptions: five mobile subscriptions and one Tango TV subscription.

To benefit from the Family discount, the customer must request its activation at a point-of-sale or by contacting Customer Service when subscribing or afterwards.

The Family discount will be automatically deactivated if the eligibility conditions are not met.

The Family discount is not compatible with the Tango Privilege Program.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: