Huawei Y5

5,45'' HD Display

8 Mp
Android 8.0
5,45 inches
0,74 W/Kg
Hold on to an exhilarating view
With 5.45" HD+ (1440 x 720) ultra-high screen-to-body ratio fitted into a sleek, minimalist frame, you'll feel like you're holding a window into another world in your hand.
Greater endurance for longer fun
With a large battery (3020 mAh* battery) and Power Saving 6.0 technology, you can get 62 hours of continuous music playback, or 13 hours of continuous video
Unlocked with a glance
Unlock your phone in a split second as the powerful AI facial recognition algorithim detects and map the human face with high accuracy.
Delights in every shot
The phone comes with a 5 MP front camera with selfie toning flash, enabling the excellent selfies in low-light situations. And the 13 MP rear camera, equipped with the HDR post-processing feature helps you create the perfect shot.
Crystal clear conversations
Through the powerful receiver and adjust with the volume key, during the call you will be able to hear conversation loud and clear even in the noisy environment.
Gives you more flexibility
The three-card slot design is able to accomodate 2 SIM cards* and a micro SD card (up to 256 GB), giving you more flexibility in your hand.
Smarter phone, smoother experience
Android™ 8.1.0 operating system delivers an easy-to-use experience with superior performance, allowing faster and smoother user experience.
Grasp the moment
The three-finger screenshot feature makes it easy to take a screenshot simply by swiping downward on the screen with three fingers.
Go easy on your eyes
The Eye Comfort mode automatically filters out most blue light, making it less strenuous on your eyes during your use.
  Network and connectivity
Micro SD card slot
0,74 W/Kg
3G, Edge, 4G
Connection sharing 
Bluetooth, Wifi, USB, GPS
  Dimensions and weight
70,9 x 146,5 x 8,3 mm
1440 x 720 pixels
5,45 inches
  Audio and video
8 Mp