Fiber is not yet available at your address.
Subscribe now to a VDSL/ADSL offer and Tango will offer you a Fiber installation as soon as your address is eligible.
Tango Fibre XL

2 Gbps

Download speed

Unlimited downloads

Latest generation Wi-Fi 6

Day1 4G Connection

Fixed line included

Installation & cabling offered

Modem rental : 7€/month

99 /month

24-month commitment

Tango Fibre L

1 Gbps

Download speed

Unlimited downloads

Latest generation Wi-Fi 6

Day1 4G Connection

Fixed line included

Installation & cabling offered

Modem rental : 5€/month


15 /month


The first 6 months

24-month commitment

Tango Fibre M

500 Mbps

Download speed

Unlimited downloads

Latest generation Wi-Fi 6

Day1 4G Connection

Fixed line included

Installation & cabling offered

Modem rental : 5€/month

47 /month

24-month commitment

Tango Fibre S

150 Mbps

Download speed

Unlimited downloads

Latest generation Wi-Fi 6

Day1 4G Connection

Fixed line included

Installation & cabling : €100

Modem rental : 5€/month

35 /month

24-month commitment

Tango Internet

100 Mbps

Download speed

Unlimited up to 100Mbps

Day1 4G Connection

Fixed line included

45 /month

24-month commitment

Tango 4G@Home
300 GB/month

of national Data

Simple and fast, connection is immediate

Satisfied or refunded*

4G Box for €109 instead of €149

60 /month

Without commitment

easier with Tango

  • No hidden conditions. Once you have chosen your connection speed, surf and download without limit.
  • Even more powerful simultaneous connections with Tango Fibre XL 2Gbps.
  • A fast and flexible installation process: whatever your situation, we simplify the procedures.
  • With our Tango Fiber offers, the installation and cabling charges of a value of €399 are thrown in.

More details about the offer

Ever faster Internet at the best price

Opt for Tango Fibre and take advantage of an ultra-fast Internet connection, allowing unlimited downloads up to 2 Gbps, plus an included landline.*

Tango Fibre meets all your Internet-related needs and always with offers at the best price, whether you want to watch TV or your series in streaming, listen to music, play online video games, etc.

*In other words, you can download an HD movie in less than 20 seconds. The download speed reaches 1Gbps per device and up to 2Gbps when you connect to several devices.

Opt for the offer that best fits your needs

Don't know which speed you need?

Use our configurator to assess your usage and find the Internet speed that will suit you best.

Important to know with regard to your connection to the Internet

Tango Fibre or Tango Internet, what's the difference?

Tango Fibre offers are offered to customers eligible for optical fiber and subject to an effective connection to your home.

Tango Internet offers are offered to customers who are not eligible for optical fiber and can be in ADSL or VDSL technology.

Your subscription to a Tango Internet offer is subject to technical eligibility conditions being met. We will have to visit your home to check the feasibility of your request to access a chosen Internet service.

If the outcome of the visit is unfavorable or unsatisfactory, we will propose a new, similar Internet service offer through a subscription confirmation letter, which will serve as a contract between us.

If the new offer does not suit you, you can terminate your contract, in this case without any cost.
On the contrary, if everything is in order concerning your eligibility but you still want to cancel your contract before the activation of the service, for whatever reason, you will have to pay the administrative fees available here and corresponding to the costs incurred by Tango until the date of taking into account the cancellation request.

Tango proposes a device (modem) optimized for its network and the Tango Fibre services, which you can purchase or lease. If you prefer a different device from that proposed by Tango, you have to make sure it is compatible with the network. We cannot assume any responsibility with regard to the functioning and/or maintenance of said device.

Details on current promos

Tango Fibre L at €15/month for 6 months, instead of €60.
* This offer is a welcome gift granted to all new Tango customers or customers in copper technology (ADSL / VDSL) who will opt for a Tango Fiber L subscription on 27/01/2024. Do not wait any longer.

*4G@Home satisfied or refunded : You can try the 4G Box service offer for 15 calendar days without obligation from the date of your subscription. If the 4G Box service offer doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can cancel your subscription during the 15-day trial period and have the amount paid for the package refunded to you. However, any consumption that overruns the subscription will not be refunded, neither will the activation fees.
If you purchased the 4G Box from Tango during the 15-day trial period, you will be refunded as long as you return the 4G Box in its original box and in perfect condition to 18, rue du Puits Romain L-8070 Bertrange. You will have to bear any costs of returning the box.

Price details

The displayed prices are based on a standard VAT rate of 17%. Until 31/12/23, the current VAT rate of 16% will be applied to your invoices

Landline telephony - How to make the most of the included landline?

The fiber offer includes a landline on which your contacts can call you. You will also be able to make calls. In this case, the service will be charged at the per minute rate.
If you have to make calls regularly, we advise you to subscribe to one of our Fixed Communication packages. Depending on your needs, it will allow you to enjoy preferential rates for your calls to landlines and mobiles in Luxembourg and to 38 international destinations: Europe, the United States and Canada. 

For your information, please note that unless indicated otherwise, the telephony service uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. Check whether any fax machines, alarm systems or banking terminals you may have are IP-compatible before getting Tango to activate the service.

TV - With Tango TV, enjoy the best of TV

Thanks to our high-speed Tango Fibre connection, you can enjoy Tango TV to the full as well as the variety of its content* and the possibilities it offers. You can easily watch, record, and pause your favorite programs to watch them later ... on your TV screen or on your mobile.

*A vast choice of premium channels for all tastes, all new VOD releases and 6 thematic, a la carte channel packages.

Keep control of your connection with the My Tango Wi-Fi app.

You can configure and control your Internet connection very easily through the My Tango Wi-Fi app.

At any time:
- Test and improve the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.
- Activate, deactivate, rename your different networks and manage your passwords.
- Test the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.
- Share your access with your family or visitors.
- Control which devices can connect and which cannot.
- Set up and manage the parental control.

Family discount: the advantage of being a Tango Fibre customer

Group all your family's Tango subscriptions together and receive a 5€ discount for each Tango subscription among a selection of mobile and TV offers : The Tango TV Luso, L and XL subscriptions, the Tango Smart L to XXXL+ mobile offers along with Tango Mobile Internet XL and XXL and the Tango Pack Connected package.

*This way, you can save up to 30 euro per month.

From the signing of your contract to the installation, everything is done to make your life easier.

Enjoy a connection from day one.

Since no-one likes to wait, Tango offers you the possibility of enjoying a connection on the very day you subscribe to your Tango Fibre connection. During your visit to our point of sale, our teams will give you a 4G+ SIM card with 75 GB/month of data, valid for three months. Combined with a Mobile Hotspot, for a preferential price, this solution allows you to connect all your devices to Wi-Fi.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a high-quality connection right away. As a guideline, it takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete an installation.

Installation charges are thrown in

For any subscription to a Tango Fibre M, L or XL offer, the cabling and installation costs are offered to you (standard flat rate of €399), for the Fibre S offer the cabling and installation costs are invoiced at 100€. An extra charge of €140 TTC may be charged in case of complex installation and only after acceptance of the quote by the client. For information, this concerns about 10% of cases.

For Tango Internet, the management fee of €49 is offered in case of self-installation (subject to eligibility).
The installation of the offer Tango Internet with intervention of a technician is as for it pay: €99.

Will the technician come by soon?

Make the most of ever greater flexibility for your installation. When you subscribe in a point of sale, you and our team set the date that suits you best. We work according to an extended timetable, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and even on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On the day of installation, you can interact directly with our technician remotely, thanks to our Web App (You will receive the link via SMS). You are alerted 45 minutes before the technician arrives and can even follow his route on a map.*

*You no longer need to stay at home all day wondering when your technician will finally come by.

Additional details about the installation packs

xDSL installation pack:

This includes management fees, Internet and fixed telephony commission: placement and configuration of your modem and fixed telephone, travel by our technicians, a functional test, excluding internal cabling costs.

Fibre installation package :

This includes management fees, installation of an NTP terminal socket and an ONT box in your home, Internet and fixed telephony commissio: placement and configuration of your modem and fixed telephone, travel by our technicians, a functional test, excluding internal cabling costs.

Self-install package:

This includes management fees, preparation and home delivery of the equipment.

Activation fee

An activation fee of €49 will be applied for any subscription to an offer including an Internet connection

Want to change subscription?

Nothing could be simpler; if you're eligible, all you have to do is select the subscription of your choice on the website, validate your shopping basket and provide your customer details, and we'll take care of everything!

Want to leave us?

We of course regret this but here, too, Tango commits to make your life easier; all you have to do is call 777.
Don't forget to consult our online support to find out the conditions for termination and any charges that may apply*.

* if you have a joint offer that includes a smartphone, you will for example have to pay the amount outstanding for that phone.