Get a 4G broadband Internet connection! Fast and easy!

You don’t qualify for Fiber? Frustrated by a slow Internet connection?
Need an immediate, one-time, or temporary Internet connection solution?

4G.@Home is right down your street!

What's more, with Tango you have 15 days to test our product, SATISFIED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

For optimal use, check the 4G coverage at the 4G @ Home installation address.


Subscription price: €60/month for 300GB/month of data. Purchase price of the 4G Box: € 99 (offer available until 05.07.2021).
Activation fee of €20, amount non-refundable in case of cancellation during the trial period.


With 4G @Home, getting started is FAST and EASY!

Device specifications


Configure your 4G Box directly from the dedicated application!


Detailed specifications


  • 219 mm x 138 mm x 25,6 mm


  • 325g (without power plug)


  • 4G Category 7, Standard 3GPP 11
  • Transmission rate 4G: 300 Mbps in download / 100 Mbps in upload (Heroic rates)
  • 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz frequency bands
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi antennas
  • 1 Wan / Lan GE Ports, 3 Lan GE Ports
  • 1 micro-SIM card slot

4G @Home FAQs

Any questions about the 4G @Home offer? Here are our answers!

What is a 4G Box?

A 4G Box is a router including a 4G SIM card, offering an alternative to a standard Internet connection in certain cases: no access to fiber, slow network, occasional or temporary need...
There are no end of uses!

With the 4G Box as part of the 4G @ Home offer, you can take advantage of Tango's vast 4G network to connect all your home devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, game console, connected TV, etc.) up to 300GB/month!

Your devices can be connected either via Wifi, or up to four devices can be connected directly to the box via an ethernet cable!

One of the many advantages of the 4G Box is also its ease of installation: you are the installer! Insert a SIM card, plug in a cable and you're done!

How is the 4G Box installed?

Installing your 4G Box couldn’t be simpler. It’s all been designed to get you connected quickly and simply to the best 4G network directly in your home.

Follow these steps to install your 4G Box:

  • Go to the store and pick up your 4G Box.
  • Insert the Tango SIM card provided in the 4G Box.
  • Plug in your box.

And that's all !

Efficiency has rarely come so easily.

What happens if I exceed the included data volume?

Don't panic, if you manage to exceed the 300GB included in the offer, we automatically unlock additional data packs at a preferential rate to avoid nasty surprises. You will be notified of each additional pack unlocked: 10GB for € 2.
You will be able to track the use of your subscription, additional options and other overruns in detail by going to the "Estimate your bill for the current month" screen on the My Tango App, or by texting "INFO HOME" to 62000 from any number attached to the same account as your 4G @ Home subscription.

Can the box be used abroad?

The use of 4G @ Home is blocked abroad. You can use your box throughout Luxembourg.

How many devices can I connect to the box?

The 4G Box allows you to connect up to 64 devices simultaneously.

This means you can share your network with a whole lot of people!

More details on the offer

Manage your subscription

You can manage your subscription, track your consumption, subscribe to options and much more directly from the My Tango app, available on iOS and Android!

You can also track the progress of your subscription by texting “INFO HOME" SMS to 62000, from any Tango number attached to the same account as your 4G @ Home subscription.

To keep things under control and get the best prices, you can subscribe to various options:

  • The Forfait bloqué option allows you to block all volumes not included in your subscription for € 2/month.
  • The Keep Surfing option allows you to continue surfing at a reduced speed (128 kbps) for €5/month, beyond the volume included in your subscription.
  • The Combo Safe option, including the Keep Surfing and Forfait bloqué options, allows you to continue surfing at a reduced speed (128 kbps) for €5/month and to block all communications outside the subscription for €5/month!

Details and conditions

Tango 4G @Home offers non-binding services.

Activation fee of € 20 incl. VAT.

You can try the 4G Box service offer for 15 calendar days without obligation from the date of your subscription. If the 4G Box service offer doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can cancel your subscription during the 15-day trial period and have the amount paid for the package refunded to you. However, any consumption that overruns the subscription will not be refunded, neither will the activation fees.

If you purchased the 4G Box from Tango during the 15-day trial period, you will be refunded as long as you return the 4G Box in its original box and in perfect condition to 18, rue du Puits Romain L-8070 Bertrange. You will have to bear any costs of returning the box.

The 4G Box service offer is only valid in Luxembourg, subject to mobile network coverage and compatible equipment. Theoretical maximum download speed up to 30Mb/s. Theoretical maximum upload speed up to 15Mb/s.

Please note that the 4G Box service offer is subject to the following rules:
- Monthly consumption (texts) not included. Each text will be billed in accordance with the List of rates. All prices include VAT. Voice calls, MMS and roaming data are not possible with the 4G Box service offer.
- The domestic data bundle includes a monthly volume of 300GB. Beyond that, mobile Internet calls will be charged € 2 (incl. VAT) per additional 10GB pack.
- Any data volume included in the monthly subscription that is not used up will not be carried over to the following month.
- Prices and price zones can be found in the List of rates.

Useful documents