Take control of your mobile subscription !

Take control of your mobile subscription, perform your operations from your phone or estimate as faithfully as possible your bill for the current month,
My Tango app make your life easier !

Keep an eye on your overall traffic (calls, sent SMS and data traffic)

Access your bill online and make transactions on your account

Estimate the amount of your bill for the current month

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  Download My Tango for free on the App Store or Play Store.

  Create your account in 2 clicks or use your access to the "My Tango area" (mobile number + password)

  Consult the information about your subscription and discover all the features right away.


Details and description

Main features of My Tango:

  • Keep an eye on your overall traffic (calls, sent SMS and data traffic)
  • View the breakdown of your data, voice and SMS usage
  • Have an estimate of your current month's bill
  • Discover and follow up on all the advantages included in your subscription to make the most of them
  • Switch options and services on and off and track their use
  • Manage your data consumption when you are abroad using Roaming Data Control, by setting consumption limits and tracking their progress
  • Keep track at all times of your communication charges not covered by your subscription 

Your question, our solution

How to activate an option ?

It's very simple: Go to "Optimize my usage", select the option of your choice and slide the button to "ON". A message inviting you to confirm the activation of this option will appear on your screen. If you enable the activation of an option, a confirmation message will appear indicating that the option is now active.

If you have any other question, please refer to the FAQs, which are also present in the application.

Conditions and guarantees

For further information, please refer to our General and specific conditions