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  Check your usage in real time

  Pay your bill and track your payments

  Manage all operations easily

  Find the answer to all your questions 24/7

  Upgrade your package

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To log in, use the same credentials as on your customer area. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one directly from the app.

The My Tango app in detail

Stay in control

Wherever you are, check and control your usage in real time. Planning to travel? Limit your data usage while roaming.

Pay your bill and track your payments

View, download, manage and pay your bill directly from your app. You can credit your account, and thus anticipate your future monthly payments or change the way you receive your bills.

Upgrade your offer

Enter or change your offer in just a few clicks: change your package, smartphone or even subscribe to new options.

Manage your operations easily

Retrieve your PIN, PUK, block communications or report a change of e-mail address in no time!

Direct access to your loyalty program

Take part in Enjoy competitions directly from your app! Try your luck and win one of the prizes at stake!

All the replies to your questions 24/7!

Get the assistance you need thanks to the FAQ and our Chat; you will be put in contact with an advisor if necessary. Access the Forum and request help or share your knowledge with the Tango community.

Putting it simply: it's the essential app for all Tango customers!

My Tango app FAQ: your question, our solution

How to create an account on My Tango?

To log in, use the same credentials as on your customer area. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one directly from the app with your Tango mobile number. Your identifiers are the same as those for your customer account and your My Tango app.

What are the features of the app?

The My Tango app offers many options, but your features depend on your profile: administrator or user. If you do not know who the account holder is or if you wish to change it, contact our Customer Service.

  • As an administrator (account and main line holder), you will have access to all features of the app. You will be able to check your bills, carry out operations on your line and your account, etc. If you don't know who the account and main line holder is or if you want to change him, contact our Customer Service .
  • As a secondary line, you can check your usage, your options, retrieve your PIN/PUK and consult the app's support section.

How to check your usage details?

  • Total data usage: available directly on your home screen, just click this box to discover the detailed breakdown of your national and roaming data usage, included or not in your subscription.
  • Usage of data included in your subscription: slide the main box to the left to view your usage of the data pack included in your subscription.
  • Usage of call and text units: slide the box to the left again to view your usage of the pack of call and text units included in your subscription.
  • Overall traffic: on the home screen, you can also view the details of your overall usage by clicking "View my overall traffic". This screen will provide you with the details of your data, voice and text usage included in your package and out-of-subscription.

How to pay your bill from the app?

Go to "Bills". At the top of this screen you will find your "Amount pending payment". Click "Pay" and follow the steps until your bill is paid.

If you have any other question, please refer to the FAQs on our forum >

Conditions and guarantees My Tango

For further information, please refer to our General and specific conditions