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Details and description

Main features of My Tango:

  • Keep an eye on your overall traffic (calls, sent SMS and data traffic)
  • View the breakdown of your data, voice and SMS usage
  • Create and manage your personal profile record
  • Discover and follow up on all the advantages included in your subscription to make the most of them
  • Switch options and services on and off and track their use
  • Manage your data consumption when you are abroad using Roaming Data Control, by setting consumption limits and tracking their progress
  • Keep track at all times of your communication charges not covered by your subscription and receive recommendations on options to reduce your charges.


My Tango tips: Check out our tutorials

Discover everything My Tango can do through a series of short videos. Find out more about the key features of our application: budget control and consumption follow-up. Finally, get a glimpse of our extension for the Apple Watch...

Conditions and guarantees

For further information, please refer to our General and specific conditions