Xplora X5 Play

With a €15 per month subscription


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The perfect smartwatch for your kids! Locate your child with the X5 Play for greater peace of mind. This watch, which can be used as a phone, allows your children to make and receive calls thanks to an internal SIM card, and all under your watchful eye thanks to an app!

The Xplora X5 Play watch at €0 for all new Tango Smart S+ subscriptions, €15/month version for 24 months.

Deal valid for all new Tango Smart S+ subscriptions at €15 per month until 07/02/2022.

For further details and full terms and conditions, please refer to the documents below:

Good to know

This deal is limited to the first 250 customers

and is only valid in Tango stores.

(Not available for online sales)

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