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Thanks to the Tango TV Try&Buy deal, the first 3 months are free. This period allows you to test the Tango TV deal before making your choice. And there's no commitment!

For all Internet subscribers or new Tango TV subscribers, the first 3 months are free. You can subscribe directly online at tango.lu and in your Tango store.

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    Choose your advantage with the XL deal.

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    Specify that you are already a Tango customer.

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    Validate your basket and then follow the steps to complete your purchase.

Deal valid for all new Tango TV subscriptions and for all Internet customers until 25/06/2023.

For further details and full terms and conditions, please refer to the documents below:

Good to know

No subscription fees and no billing for 3 months. You can cancel at any time but you will be charged €24.79 for the recycling of the box.