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Communicate as much as you like with Tango - check out our promotional offers We offer you exclusive offers and benefits throughout the year. Low-cost smartphones, reductions on your subscription, cheap fixed Internet box packages, etc. Choose the fibre Internet subscription which best suits you and get the very best tariffs. If you’re a new customer, check out the full Tango packages, including a mobile subscription, fibre Internet and TV at low, low prices. Enjoy the best in communication in Luxembourg with our low cost packages and one-off offers.
The Family Discount: a deal on your mobile plan Save up to € 360 a year with the Family Discount. Any additional Tango subscription entitles you to a discount on your monthly rate: for example, for each mobile pack purchased, you get € 5 off your bill every month. Mobile pack deal: a cheap smartphone with your subscription Deals on Tango Smart+ and Tango Infinity+ mobile packs give you the chance to buy a cheap smartphone (from € 0) from a wide choice of the best models from all the major brands: Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nokia, Fairphone... Also available with a Smart Bizz+ subscription!