Tacking fraudulent calls/texts

Fraudulent calls and texts (or "spam") try to trick you into providing personal data.
Above all, do not reply to spam, and never provide your personal data!

To get rid of spam, you can block the number that is trying to reach you.

A few examples of spam:
"Speed SMS: you have (1) MMS on hold since 13:53. To consult it, click here: http://speedxxxxxxxxxxx, toll-free according to your subscription."
"We need to talk about your future. Contact me quickly on XXX XXX XXX !!!"
"Hello, I came by to deliver a parcel but there was nobody home. Please call XXX XXX XXX to recover your parcel."

Protecting yourself on the Internet

On both fixed and mobile Internet, there are risks when it comes to the protection of your personal data and your devices.

Be careful when you browse the Internet since many sites contain viruses and malware which can make your device unusable. Only consult sites you completely trust.

What's more, beware of phishing (a type of Internet fraud). This is when someone, by means of an e-mail or website, passes off for a company or relative and asks you to provide personal data (bank details, customer account number, passwords, etc.).

Never provide your personal details, never click on links (to prevent hacking) and never reply to such messages!

A few examples of phishing (translated from the original e-mails in French):

Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2016 9:44 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Subject: Validation of your account to back up your data

Dear customer,

Suspicious activity has been detected on your account. As a security measure, we advise you to validate your account in order to back up your data.
To do so, click the following link and fill in the validation form. Surf to validation.
Proximus thanks you for your trust.
Kind regards,
The Proximus team

NB: This is an automatic message. Replies sent to this address will not be processed.
Do you have a Proximus account? Discover the advantages of MyProximus.”

Phishing attempt, sent from the address verification54@mail.ru:

“Skynet Mail has discovered a series of illegal attempts to access your voicemail from different IP locations and will close your account as marked as an unwanted mail account.
To guarantee your online access, it is therefore necessary for you to immediately fill in the form below, manually, and to click the reply button on your page, making sure you fill in all the information correctly and send it to Skynet.

Alarm Center. Skynet!
Last name
First name
Skynet! E-mail address
Member information
Date of birth
Country City

NB !!! All account owners who fail to update their account after a few hours of receiving this warning will lose their account forever.”