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Tango K.O.

 The mobile plan without commitment

 Your mobile plan à la carte 

 Just the calls, SMS, and data that you need 

Do you need a plan without commitment, or with a minimum of calls, data and SMS included? Discover Tango K.O. and Tango K.O. Smart, respectively without and with 1-month commitment. Tango K.O. is a pay-as-you-go plan: you only pay what you consume. Tango K.O. Smart includes 2 GB of data, and 100 minutes or SMS.


5G Fast




0.09 € / unit


0.23 € / MB


Tango K.O. Smart is the perfect solution for those who don't plan on using their phones extensively. With 2GB of data, and 100 minutes or SMS included, you can use your phone for calling and checking your emails in Luxembourg and Europe. And if you need more, you can always book additional data packages, or pay for calls and SMS as you go.

Useful documents

With Tango K.O. and Tango K.O. Smart, you only pay for the calls, SMS, and data you need:

  • Tango K.O. is a pay-as-you-go plan: you are simply billed based on your consumption. Without commitment.
  • Tango K.O. Smart offers you 2GB of data and 100 minutes or SMS per month. Without commitment.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents:

The mobile plan without commitment in Luxembourg - use it only when you need it.


Tango K.O. is the ideal plan for those who need a pay-as-you-go plan, without commitment, to use whenever they need to. A plan tailored to cover all communications: calls, SMS, data.

Tango K.O. Smart goes further by including a minimum of units to call, send SMS and connect to the internet in Luxembourg and Europe (with 1-month commitment).

To take advantage of the ultrafast internet speed in our network, simply use a compatible smartphone in the covered areas.