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Family Discount

Save up to 30€/month by grouping your subscriptions

More subscriptions, more discounts!

Do you have multiple Tango subscriptions? Benefit from the Family discount to save up to €30 per month, with a limit of  €360 per year. How? By simply bundling your mobile, Internet, and TV subscriptions to enjoy a €5 discount for each included package. Choose a simplified account management and save with the Family Discount. It's easy and convenient with Tango!

Which subscriptions are included?

To receive a €5 discount per eligible subscription, you must have a subscription. The possible combinations involve Tango Internet plans (ADSL; Fiber M, L, or XL) paired with the following mobile subscriptions:

• Tango Smart L, Unlimited Extra (with or without smartphones)
• Tango Internet Mobile XL or XXL
• Pack connected

The €5 discount per eligible subscription also applies to grouping Tango Fiber subscriptions (L or XL) with a Tango TV offer (L or XL).

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