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Get a high-speed 4G Internet connection - it's quick and easy to install

Connection from day one

Ready-to-use 4G SIM card

No installation required

Use it anywhere

Without commitment

Internet — now

No commitment, no installation

Do you need an immediate, occasional, or temporary solution for your Internet connection ? With 4G@Home, all you need to do is to stop by a Tango shop and pick up your 4G box with its SIM card. Just plug it into a socket at home and you are done! Plus, you get 15 days to test the product, satisfied or your money back.

For optimal use, check the 4G hotspot coverage at the 4G@Home installation address.

Your new 4G box

Your 4G box is a ready-to-use router. Compact and practical, it is easily installed just by plugging it into an electric socket. The 4G box is preconfigured to work directly and without installation, and allows to connect up to 64 devices via WiFi and 4 via LAN. If you wish to, you can also modify its configuration via its dedicated app.

User Guide 4@Home

User Guide 4@Home
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What is a 4G box or a 4G hotspot?

A 4G box is a router that includes a 4G SIM card which allows you to connect to the internet. This is a simple, easy-to-install alternative to a standard Internet connection. It is very practical in case you have no access to fiber, have a slow network, or need an immediate, one-off or temporary solution.

With the box 4G@Home hotspot you can take advantage of Tango's vast 4G network to connect all your devices at home (smartphone, tablet, computer, game console, connected TV, and much more) at a rate of 300GB/month. You can connect up to 64 devices via WiFi, and up to four devices directly to the box via Ethernet.

One of the many advantages of the 4G box is its ease of installation: just insert the SIM card to insert, plug it in an electrical socket, and that's it.

How can install the 4G box?

Installing the box 4G@Home is very simple and quick, and consists in three easy steps:

  • Visit a the point of sale and collect your 4G box
  • Insert the Tango SIM card provided into the 4G box
  • Plug in your box, and that's it!


What if I go over the data volume?

If you exceed the 300GB included in the 4G box's offer, we automatically unlock additional data packs at a preferential rate to avoid unpleasant surprises (see our price list). For each additional pack unlocked, you will receive an SMS.

You can monitor your consumption, add options and manage your plan through the MyTango App. To know your consumption, you can also send the SMS “INFO HOME” to 62000 from any number linked to the same account as your 4G@Home subscription.

Can I use the 4G box abroad?

No, the use of box 4G@Home abroad is blocked. However, you can use your box freely in Luxembourg.

How many devices can I connect to the box?

You can connect up to 64 devices to the 4G box via WiFi at the same time, and 4 via Ethernet.