What is Disney+?

Disney+ is a streaming service offering fans of all ages a new way to experience the unparalleled content from the company’s iconic entertainment brands, including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, as well as exclusive original programming including feature-length films, series, documentaries, and short-form content made exclusively for the service.

With Disney+, users will access high-quality and commercial-free viewing, up to four concurrent streams, unlimited downloads on up to ten devices and a personalized viewing experience with up to 7 profiles per account.

Moreover, Disney+ is accessible on most internet-connected devices (smartphone, PC, tablet, compatible smart TV, game console) and directly via Apple TV.
Disney+ is included in the Tango Pack Connected LU promotion, for any new subscription between 11/10/2020 (Nov. 10, 2020) and 01/04/2021 (Jan. 4, 2021).

How to activate Disney+?

Subscribe to the Tango Pack Connected LU special promotion, between 11/10/2020 (Nov. 10, 2020) and 01/04/2021 (Jan. 4, 2021).

Once your Tango line is activated, you will receive an e-mail with your personal activation link and all the needed information that will enable you to create your Disney+ account. It is of paramount importance to wait for the receipt of this e-mail and use the link provided to register. Access to Disney+ is subject to the activation of a Disney+ account and is only valid for new Disney+ Subscribers.

You will also have to fill in your bank details (valid Luxembourgish credit card or PayPal). This is required to activate the offer, although you will not be billed at this stage.

Once you have completed all the steps, you can login and start watching Disney+.

How long do I have to activate my Disney+ offer?

You must activate your Disney+ offer by 14 March 2022, as long as you don’t cancel your eligible Tango subscription.

We recommend you to activate the offer as soon as possible.

What happens if I already have a Disney+ account?

The offer is available to new Disney+ subscribers only. It is not compatible with an existing Disney+ account.

Can I use a credit card from another country than Luxembourg to create my Disney+ account?

The Disney + site in Luxembourg currently only accepts Luxembourgish credit cards or active PayPal  pay pal accounts.

What is the 12-month active period?

The offered access to Disney+ will continue until 12 months after the first activation of the service if you remain in the Tango Pack Connected LU subscription. After this period, you will be directly billed by Disney+, at the prevailing market price unless terminated by the customer.

What happens after 12 months?

You will be invoiced by Disney+ on a monthly basis at the then applicable standard monthly price.

You can manage or cancel at any time your subscription via Disney+ website: www.disneyplus.com

What devices can I use to watch Disney+?

Disney+ is accessible on most internet-connected devices:

Can I watch the same Disney content anywhere, whether I am at home in Luxembourg or on vacation in France?

Yes, when you are abroad, you can watch your downloaded series and movies in offline mode. If you are abroad and online where Disney+ is available, you will also be able to stream content that is available in that country.

If you live in the EU, you can enjoy the version of Disney+ available in your home country while travelling within the 27 EU Member States or Norway, Lichtenstein, and Iceland. The version of Disney+ available in your home country is available only if Disney has verified that your home country is in the EU.

While travelling in the EU, you may see a message that Disney+ is not available in your location. If you see that message, and we have verified your EU residence, you will still be able to access the version of Disney+ available in your home country by simply logging into your account.

Who should I contact if I can’t access Disney+?

If you have successfully created your Disney+ account, following the activation link included in the e-mail sent by Tango, and you experience any problems afterwards, we invite you to contact the support on Disney+ website here.

If you can’t create your Disney+ account, please contact the Disney+ customer service line on +352 27 86 88 44
who can offer customer support in English, French and German.

Will I be billed by Tango or Disney+?

During 12 months,  you can enjoy Disney+ thanks to your subscription to the Tango Pack Connected LU promotion (available from Nov.10, 2020 and Jan. 4, 2021). This subscription is billed by Tango.

After this period of 12 months, you will continue to enjoy Disney+ and you will be billed for this service directly by Disney+ on a monthly basis at the then standard price.

If you cancel the Tango subscription during your 12-month access to Disney+, then you will be directly billed by Disney+.

Why do I have to give my credit card information to create my Disney+ account?

The Tango Pack Connected LU promotion, set between 11.10.2020 and 01.04.2021, allows you to enjoy a 12-month access to Disney+ but you must of course create your Disney+ account.

Banking information is a mandatory step in the creation of the Disney+ account. At the end of the 12 months, you will be invoiced by Disney+ on a monthly basis at the then standard price of the Disney+ subscription.

Why do I have to pay €1 to Disney+ when activating my 12-month access?

During the creation of your Disney+ account, you have to add payment details that will be used after the first 12 months. Disney+ might ask for a payment of €1 for verification reasons, but will be refunded shortly after creating your account.

Why did I get a Disney+ bill?

Don’t worry! Please contact Disney+ helpline per chat or phone : +352 27 86 88 44

Explain to Disney+ Customer Service that you have a promotional offer with Tango to enjoy Disney+ for 12 months, free of charge.
You will need to provide the activation code supplied and used to register your account to validate. Look for the most recent Tango activation email in your mailbox.

What happens if I cancel my Tango subscription?

If you cancel the Tango  subscription that allows you to enjoy Disney+ during one of the first 12 months of the service, you will be billed directly by Disney+ at the then standard price.

After 12 months, the account will be billed by Disney+ at the then applicable market price unless you opt out of the Disney+ service, which is possible at any time.
You have the possibility to opt-out from the Disney+ service anytime on www.disneyplus.com

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