Promotional offer available to all customers for a new 24-months subscription to a Tango Pack Connected LU until 01.04.2021.
Regular monthly price of the Tango Pack Connected LU offer will apply as of the 25th month.

As a promotion, Tango includes a maximum of 12 months access to Disney+ in its Tango Pack Connected LU offers.
This access is valid for new Tango Pack Connected LU subscriptions between 11.10.2020 and 01.04.2021.

Once its Tango line is activated, the customer will receive an e-mail from Tango including a personal Disney+ activation link, which will allow him to create his Disney+ account. It is of paramount importance to wait for the receipt of this e-mail and use the link provided to register on

Access to Disney+ is subject to the activation of a Disney+ account and is only valid for new Disney+ Subscribers.

To create an account on Disney+, the customer shall:

Click on the link included in the activation e-mail of the offer

Complete his personal information

Enter his bank details. A valid Luxembourg bank card or a Paypal account is required to activate the offer, although the customer is not billed at this stage.

The offered access to Disney+ will continue until 12 months after the first activation of the service if you remain in the Tango Pack Connected LU subscription. After this period, you will be directly billed by Disney+, at the prevailing market price unless terminated by the customer.

Disney+ Subscriber Agreement is applicable.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: