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In addition to its status as an innovative operator and its aim to meet the needs of all its customers, Tango considers itself a socially responsible company.

Early on, Tango decided to commit to a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach. In 2012, the company launched its multi-year "We Act" program.

Its aim is to structure Tango's CSR actions in order to enhance their long-term effectiveness. At the start of 2017, Tango had already implemented 86 CSR actions.

  1. The "We Act" program focuses on five areas:
  2. The improvement of access to communications
  3. The health of all users 
  4. The fight against climate change 
  5. Support to communities 
  6. The well-being of our employees

Accessibility pillar

Improving access to communications

Telecommunication services make our daily lives considerably easier. Tango has a key role to play in improving living conditions and ensuring that access to communications is simple, transparent, easy to understand, and available to everyone. Accessibility is also important for young people. For them, Tango is continually looking to strike a balance between innovation and freedom on the one hand and information, right to privacy, education and safety on the other.

Our main accessibility-related actions:

  1. Protecting children against the risks of the Internet: 

Tango promotes in particular information on safe Internet use in order to help parents protect their children against potential risks. Download our useful tips (bottom of the page) or consult the "BeeSecure" website (https://www.bee-secure.lu/)

Aware of the responsibility it has towards young people, Tango has also signed the Code of Conduct, an agreement committing all Luxembourgish mobile telephone operators to more secure and ethical use of mobile phones among adolescents and children.

Protecting children against inappropriate programs:
The parental control feature is available free of charge on all Tango TV decoders!
It enables parents to block on-demand programs and movies that are likely to be upsetting to young viewers.

  1. Making telecommunications more accessible to the elderly:

Tango markets several easy-to-use devices with large buttons, an emergency button, and a screen specially designed for the elderly.

  1. Improving access to our points-of-sale for the disabled:

Where possible, Tango equips its points-of-sale with access ramps for people with reduced mobility or wheelchair users. To improve the reception of disabled people, Tango also reserves special places for them in its parking lots.

  1. Developing the network and constantly improving nationwide coverage:

A pioneer of numerous technologies in Luxembourg, Tango was the first operator to deploy a 4G network in the country in 2012, and a 4G+ network at the end of 2014. Today, this 4G network covers 94% of the population.

  1. Enabling cross-border communication

Thanks to its partnership with Vodafone, including over 600 roaming agreements, Tango is able to offer its customers high-quality coverage worldwide.

Health pillar

Respecting the health of all users

Beyond just well-being, the health of our employees and customers is one of our main concerns and guides us in our decisions at organizational and economic level.

Besides paying attention to the safety of its products and installations, Tango attaches great importance to prevention and transparency.

The company systematically informs the public of the potential risks associated with using mobile communication devices.

Our main health-related actions:

  1. Properly informing about health precautions

Tango was the first operator in Luxembourg to communicate the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of all mobile phones marketed in its points-of-sale, to enable customers to choose their mobile phone with complete peace of mind.

  1. Minimizing the effects of radiation on our customers' health

Tango systematically offers its customers an earpiece that is compatible with the mobile phones available for sale.

Environment pillar

Fighting against climate change

The fight against climate change is increasingly becoming a global priority.

For a company like Tango, reducing its carbon footprint is unquestionably an essential lever for contributing to the fight against climate change and the well-being of future generations. In this respect, we are not content to just act; we invite our employees and customers to do so at our side.

For us, the aim is not to create major upheavals, but to act by applying little touches every day in those areas where it makes a real difference.

Our main environment-related actions:

  1. 100% green energy for our network and all our points-of-sale:

Since January 2011, Tango has subscribed to an energy offer that comes entirely from renewable sources to power its network and all its points-of-sale. This action enables Tango to save close to 2500 tons of CO2 every year.

  1. Dematerializing bills

To reduce its environmental footprint, Tango offers its customers an online bill service. Simple and accessible around the clock from their personal space, the online bill is also a way of integrating customers in a process of responsible commitment vis-à-vis the planet.

  1. Digital signature and digitization of subscription contracts

Since 2015, Tango offers all its customers the possibility to sign their contracts via a tablet. The documents are then sent directly to Tango's servers for activation and storage in its systems, and the customer receives his or her contract by e-mail. In 2016, this system made it possible to save 1.6 tons of paper.

  1. Recycling mobile phones that are no longer in use

In partnership with SuperDrecksKëscht and Ecotrel, Tango has equipped its points-of-sale with containers and permanently invites customers and non-customers alike to deposit their old mobile phones there for recycling.

  1. Imposing environmental standards on our suppliers

Aside from actions taken internally and for its customers, Tango wishes to encourage its partners and suppliers to adopt eco-responsible behavior by, for example, opting for paper compliant with sustainable forest management or by reducing their packaging.

Communities pillar

Supporting communities

For many years now, Tango has been actively involved in the life of the communities it is a part of, whether through partnerships, sponsoring or the provision of resources.

In the specific context of its socially responsible operation, Tango puts this societal commitment into practice by supporting projects that have a strong economic, environmental or social impact. The company thus collaborates with NGOs such as Amnesty Luxembourg, SOS Villages d'Enfants, UNICEF, the Luxembourg Red Cross, Handicap International, etc.

Tango's commitment also involves supporting various communities abroad, especially in Africa and Asia. For that, Tango favors a partnership-based approach by proposing actions that call on the participation of its stakeholders, whether those are its employees or customers.

Our main community-related actions:

  1. Donating used computer equipment:

At regular intervals, such as when renewing its computer park, Tango and its employees donate their old, functioning equipment to associations or schools in Africa.

  1. Collecting clothes or toys within the company:

From time to time, Tango organizes collection operations targeted at its employees. In this way, in partnership with local associations such as the Luxembourg Red Cross, Christmas in a Box, and SOS Villages d'Enfants, numerous clothes and toys have found a new lease of life among the most needy.

  1. "Responsible" sponsoring during the marathon:

Every year, on the occasion of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg, Tango sponsors the event through a charitable operation for the benefit of a different NGO every year.

In this way, through the participation of go))go)) boys/girls (runners who have signed up to cheer on their friends and loved ones competing in the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg and to run at their side during the final kilometers of the race), Tango every year donates all proceeds from the registration fees to the foundation.

Employees pillar

Increasing the well-being of our employees

Tango employees are at the heart of the "We Act" CSR program. And for good reason; the well-being of our employees is a key ingredient for our competitiveness.

Tango's commitment to its employees is reflected in a work setting that is adapted to everyone's job and in the promotion of a positive corporate culture marked by a policy of equality in its staffing and career management.

Our main employee-related actions:

  1. A recruitment policy that respects equal opportunities:

Tango makes it a point of honor to offer all its employees the same opportunities (respect of the Tango charter of equal opportunities) and to promote diversity within its teams. Furthermore, Tango signed the Diversity Charter in May 2015.

  1. Offering coaching sessions and training to our employees

Tango employees can benefit from coaching sessions and training to develop their skills and learn to better manage their professional lives.

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