Changing your internet operator has never been so easy

Here you will find a few easy, hassle-free steps you can take to change operator and avoid losing your connection during the migration process.
Get started right away to take advantage of the best packages in Luxembourg!

Nothing could be easier, just follow these four steps:

1Choose the Tango Fibre package that suits you and set a date for an installation appointment by completing the procedure online here or coming to a Tango point of sale (list of points of sale here)

 Tip: You can configure your own custom package using our package configurator.
2. Print out the standard letter of termination we provide here.
3. Fill the letter in and make sure that your information is accurate.

Please note:
• Please check that you have your customer number which you can find on your bill or by calling customer service, as you will need this number to identify yourself.
• Please check that the termination request sent to your operator is dated after the Tango installation date you chose at the point of sale in step 1.
• Your installation can only be carried out once the contract with your (old) operator has been terminated.

4Send your termination request by registered letter or some other means, depending upon your operator’s requirements (see below).

Termination requestRegistered letterFax to 2799 3555 or registered letterRegistered letterOnline form at de termination document to be downloaded from
Notice1 month40 days1 month

A few addresses to which letters of termination can be sent:
Post Luxembourg                                    Luxembourg Online                                   Orange Luxembourg
1, rue Emile Bian                                      14, av. du X Septembre                             8 rue des Mérovingiens
L-2996 Luxembourg                               L-2550 Luxembourg                                  L-8070 Bertrange

Useful information
If you are currently under contract (with a commitment), you may be billed for the remaining months up until the end of the commitment period.
If you have a 24-month commitment period, you can ask for termination at the end of your subscription period.
If you signed up for an Internet + TV package, the decoder will need to be returned to one of the usual points of sale.

At Tango we make migration even easier for you

We are helping you to  terminate your contract and we can take care of the following:
- Transferring your telephone number if you wish to keep it
- Installing and activating your Tango line

Signing up is really easy:

  • Complete the procedure online
  • Come to a point of sale with the following information and documentation:
    - the landline telephone number if there is one - otherwise Tango will allocate a new number; the name of the current operator;
    - the type and number of connections to the current operator;
    - the current operator’s customer number;
    - the INE number, which appears on the current operator’s bill, otherwise the customer will need to get one from his or her current operator;
    - the name of the person in whose name the line is registered;

    - the full, exact installation address
    - a photocopy of the operator’s last bill must be produced, otherwise please bring proof of address